Hospitality Acquisition in Florida

Hospitality Acquisition in Florida Hospitality acquisitions have the potential to be a great investment if the locations are managed correctly. Proper marketing outreach for acquisitions is obtained through strategic media placement, and the ability to always improve the location from where it began. Hospitality Acquisitions in Tampa, Florida Encore Hospitality highlights the Hampton Inn,

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Florida Investing | Apartments for Sale

Apartments and Multi-Family Properties for Sale and Investor Demographics When it comes to investment opportunities in apartments and multi-family properties in the United States, there has been a very high trending pattern of investors which consist of individuals and retirees from the state of Florida. Additionally, there has been an increasing trend of money

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Multi-Family Properties For Sale

Multi-Family Properties For Sale Investors may find that multi-family properties are attractive investment opportunities. However, there are many factors to consider when purchasing or investing in multi-family properties which are sold throughout the nation. Here at Encore Enterprises, we can assist the investor in navigating through the sales process and relieve any unpredictable hardships

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