Encore has a strong history of transactional performance, which has resulted in a wide network of relationships throughout the industry. It is with these relationships that Encore has prime access to a number of opportunities, many of which are not widely marketed.


Encore only develops when conditions are favorable; otherwise we sell assets, pursue value-add transactions, or just remain on the sidelines, as we have in the past.


Our unique knowledge of each sector we invest in has guided us to buy and sell properties in times and markets that appear less than ideal, but ultimately produces beneficial outcomes for our co-investors.

Encore’s DNA

Seek Opportunity Across The Cycle

Experienced management team and sound investment philosophy allow Encore to develop a strongly held viewpoint on where and how to access value.

Unwavering Focus on Capital Preservation

Investment decisions are made with the primary focus on structuring for safety. Investors do not fear loss of principal.

Elimination of Risk Through Diversification

As one sector nears its peak in the market cycle or moves out of favor, Encore can direct capital and resources to another sector with a more bullish trajectory.

But Patient

Correctly incentivized through performance. Encore is positioned to capitalize on market gyrations as it has no requirements to acquire and/or monetize assets under pressure.

“We have made exceptional timing decisions, all of which were the product of unrelenting debate, good governance, and a commitment to evidence-based thinking.”

Founder & Chairman, Dr. Bharat Sangani