Encore’s Core Focus

Encore’s DNA

Investment Strategy

Acquire It

Encore has a strong history of transactional performance, which has resulted in a wide network of relationships throughout the industry. It is with these relationships that Encore has prime access to a number of opportunities, many of which are not widely marketed.

Develop It

Encore only develops when conditions are favorable; otherwise we sell assets, pursue value-add transactions, or just remain on the sidelines, as we have in the past.


Our unique knowledge of each sector we invest in has guided us to buy and sell properties in times and markets that appear less than ideal, but ultimately produces beneficial outcomes for our co-investors.

Encore does not compete for core “trophy” assets.

Instead, Encore invests in assets that are:

     – High-quality, but not fully stabilized – and hence not a target for core investors

     – New developments at attractive projected yields

Encore’s opportunity set includes:

     – Properties that need major physical improvements

     – Assets that need to be recapitalized

     – Recently completed buildings that are not fully leased

     – New development opportunities

Value Add

Value Add

Vacant Space
Deferred CAPEX