Hampton Inn, Tampa

Hospitality Acquisition in Florida

Hospitality acquisitions have the potential to be a great investment if the locations are managed correctly. Proper marketing outreach for acquisitions is obtained through strategic media placement, and the ability to always improve the location from where it began.

Hospitality Acquisitions in Tampa, Florida

Encore Hospitality highlights the Hampton Inn, located in Tampa, Florida as a great example of this. This hotel acquisition occurred in 2005, located near the Tampa International Airport, and offers many amenities for its guests.

Hospitality Acquisitions in Fort Meyers, Florida

The Best Western in Fort Meyers, Florida was a hospitality property Encore acquired in 1999. This property’s location is what made it an attractive investment choice. Offering easy access to the waterfront and close proximity to downtown Fort Meyers made this hotel acquisition desirable. We brought our leadership team in addressing the strengths and weakness of this hotel and managed the property for 8 years. When we felt the time was right and the value of the business had increased from our management efforts, we sold the location in 2007.

The Encore Hospitality Team

Our Hospitality Management Team is ranked in Hotel Business’s Top 50 hotel Developers and Owners in the nation and the team can quickly recognize the strengths and weakness of a potential acquisition location. When acquiring a hospitality location it is important to consider all of the existing strengths such as current staff, policies and procedures and to eliminate those that pay potentially hinder success.

Utilizing these key principles along with our leadership team’s industry knowledge, we continue to strengthen the overall business model for this location including the quality of service, and customer satisfaction.

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