Multi-Family Properties in Texas

Encore Multi-Family, LLC (EMF) a division of Encore Enterprise Inc. that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has been developing, operating, and managing multi-family homes since 2008. With projects across the southeastern region of the United States, Encore Multi-Family looks forward to expanding its projects across the nation with the rise of population growth.

Multi-Family Properties in New York

In response to the increasing population growth in New York that the state hasn’t experienced in two decades, Encore recently took the opportunity open another office in the city. Based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 and 2013 data, the city expects to implement a 10-year plan to build another 200,000 units to accommodate this new growth.

Multi-Family Properties in California

Encore Multi-Family is also targeting California in cities such as San Jose and Dublin that are experiencing population growth and thus has a need for more housing accommodations to meet the demand.

About Encore Multi-Family, LLC

Encore Multi-Family, LLC attributes its success to its proven business model and marketing. The division closely monitors and analyzes the growing trends within a city. Encore Multi-Family then makes decisive actions based on these trends, which has led to expanding the division’s influence within the United States.


The multi-family division strives to give clients the personal attention and informative answers they need to make decisive plans for their investments. Encore Multi-Family values open communication to foster strong business partnerships. For more information on Encore Multi-Family’s current ongoing projects, please call 214-259-7000 or contact us online.