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Multifamily Development Projects in Texas

Looking for good reasons to invest in Texas multifamily development projects? According to Forbes’ latest study, 4 of the 10 fastest growing cities in the United States are in Texas – more than any other state in America1. U.S. News found similar results, noting that 7 of the 15 most rapidly growing cities were in Texas – particularly Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, Frisco, and McKinney topping their lists2. Such growing cities indicate a similarly growing need for housing, particularly multi-family developments. Encore looks for these indicators when it comes to deciding on multi-family investment projects.

Multifamily Development Projects in Texas

When determining the viability of an investment, understanding the trends in population growth is one of the many statistics that investors and wealth management firms analyze. Other factors to consider are a company’s development and construction history in Texas, as well as their multi-family management capabilities.

Wealth Managers, Private Investors, and Money Managers look to Multifamily Developments

The aforementioned statistics could potentially be strong indicators of a growing need for housing and multifamily development projects in Texas. Money managers, private investors, and wealth management firms can contact Encore Enterprises to get more information about current projects underway and future plans in the state of Texas.

Are Investments in Multi-Family Property Developments a Viable Option?

In contrast to investing into single-unit housing, investing into multifamily projects has the potential to bring more consistent returns. For example, when a tenant leaves a single-unit home, investors may receive zero returns for several months until a new tenant occupies the home. For an investor to experience a zero-return month on a multifamily property, it would require all tenants to leave the property simultaneously, which is usually a rare phenomenon. With proper planning, management, and an effective staff, a multifamily property can maintain healthy retention rates and produce profitable returns.

Encore’s stringent underwriting practices have led to the impressive growth of its multi-family portfolio. To learn more, visit about Encore Multi-Family and its achievements.

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