Vice President | Encore Enterprises

Since Encore’s founding in 1999, Smita Sangani has scouted, researched, recommended, and overseen the purchases of some of Encore’s affiliates’ most successful sites and properties. She has been highly involved in selecting the appropriate hotel brands for those locations and has served as construction manager and overall operations manager on several projects. Mrs. Sangani has been called upon many times to step in and manage hotel properties at start-ups, between managers, and on other necessary occasions, thereby cutting costs and implementing strategies to turn underperforming properties into highly profitable ones.

Mrs. Sangani has first-hand experience in most every area of hotel operations, from front desk and general management to housekeeping and grounds keeping. She is also intricately involved in exterior and interior designs of all properties, working closely with architects and suppliers to create the right look and ambience appropriate for each hotel. She is a skilled negotiator who works with suppliers to achieve the best balance between cost and quality on goods and services.

Mrs. Sangani holds a Bachelor of Science from Bombay University, with specialties in textile design and home economics.