Shelley Walker

HR and Payroll Manager | Encore Enterprises Shelley Walker serves as HR and Payroll Manager for Encore Enterprises. Prior to joining Encore, Mrs. Walker has acquired 24 years of Human Resources experience. Her background includes handling employee relations, payroll, compensation, benefits, staffing, training, organizational development and mediation. She has worked in various industries including retail, staffing, non-profit, real estate and

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Bharat Sangani

Dr. Bharat Sangani Chairman & CEO Dr. Bharat Sangani founded Encore Enterprises in 1999 as a vehicle for investors to share in the success of his real estate deals. “Doc,” as he is known by both clients and co-workers, made his first investment in real estate in 1991.

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Dwayne Rash

Dwayne Rash President of Construction Dwayne Rash has been with Encore for over two decades and is responsible for overseeing all construction. Mr. Rash has more than 30 years of commercial and industrial construction experience and is a licensed general contractor in all states where Encore currently conducts business. Mr.

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