Dr. Bharat Sangani(Dallas, TX) December 28, 2021 – Dr. Bharat Sangani had $10.45 in his pocket when he emigrated from India in 1983. Already a physician, the 26-year-old came to America to pursue training as a cardiologist. He took that pocket change and went on to build one of the largest cardiology treatment centers in Mississippi. Discovering a knack for real estate, Sangani formed a side business and has since closed more than $2.9 billion in deals through his investment and development firm, Dallas-based Encore Enterprises.

“Health, wealth, and wisdom.” Bharat Sangani believes these to be the keys to success and happiness in life. This cardiologist, real estate investor, and life mentor has taken these mantras and applied them to every aspect of his life since he was young. It has paid off, and his resume of specialties keeps growing as well as his success in the DFW area.

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