The Panther Island site is a 229-unit, Class-A luxury apartment community situated in the Panther Island TRV master-planned community of Fort Worth, TX.

Panther Island

The project is part of an urban waterfront community to the north of downtown Fort Worth, known as Panther Island/Central City developed by the Trinity River Vision. Panther Island is the largest mixed-use development in Fort Worth, creating a model of a “live, work, play” environment. The development will be 229 units over 3.45 acres with an average unit size of 834 square feet. Picnic areas, park benches, and landscaping will be used along the trails to create a place for the public to connect to the river and the environment. The area will also be designed to accommodate a variety of boating activities. Anticipated water sports include canoeing and kayaking. Low-clearance public excursion boats and small passenger ferryboats are also expected.

Property Information

Property Name: TBD

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Property Details: 229 units; Class-A apartment community

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