Senior Construction Manager | Encore Construction

Mark Williams is the senior construction manager for Encore Construction, possessing over 30 years of experience in both construction management and multi-family development with a consistent track record of profitable, on time, and under-budget properties. Successful completions include 12,000 luxury apartment units, ranging from high-end themed luxury to quality workforce apartments.

Mr. Williams is proficient in creating, implementing, and managing development and construction projects. Before joining Encore, Mr. Williams was president of Vision Senior Housing, where he was responsible for the development and acquisition of seniors housing in the North Texas area. He also conducted feasibility and due diligence of several new developments with land owners using the HUD Section 221(d)(4) financing.

Mr. Williams has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Tech University. He is also a member of the Real Estate Financial Executives Association, Urban Land Institute, National Association of Homebuilders, and Texas Association of Builders.